Nicole Fujita, who watched episode 6 of the “Oshi no Ko” anime, stated, “I also remembered the time when I was slandered. It’s a knife of real words…”

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Nicole Fujita “I endured it well” “I was scared at that time” The previous of slander and bullying is engraved on the junior highschool desk…

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Talent Nicole Fujita (25) up to date her Twitter by the twenty second. He wrote about his expertise of being slandered and bullied.

Fujita tweeted, “When I saw the latest episode of Oshi no Ko, I remembered when I first started appearing on TV.” “Even now, it’s not even going up in flames, is it petite? No, it’s worse than that. It’s endured well, no, it can’t be endured.” He wrote about being criticized.

In response to such slanderous phrases, Fujita“When you post what you think, you have to put yourself in your position and think about how you will convey it to the other person before you post it. ”and commented.

In addition, he revealed, “It has nothing to do with the internet, but when I was in junior high school, Nicole Fujita was dug up on the table that everyone used in the science room.”

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I’ve quite a bit to be taught from watching my favourite little one

Face-to-face, it isn’t like that

I feel it is actually onerous for celebrities as a result of it will likely be seen by many individuals😰
But that is why I used to be in a position to acknowledge Korun and develop into a fan.

SNS is very written, so it is tough as a result of the way in which individuals understand it differs from individual to individual.

I noticed it too, however I actually thought SNS was scary… I might damage that particular person with one phrase

Celebrities who had been being bullied by themselves

What is that this man swiftly

bullying will not be good
But there may be additionally a future for the perpetrator

For those that say it is a knife of phrases, attempt getting stabbed with a knife
I do know there is not any such factor as a fart

The bully is afraid of being bullied, so he turns to the facet of the bully, but when he turns to the facet of the bully, he commits suicide.

Another entertainer’s bullying attraction

If you possibly can’t stop the web
you must cease ego

everybody has expertise
I’m hostile I used to be surrounded by about 8 guys from different faculties with wood swords and bamboo swords and overwhelmed up
I used to be planning on defeating them one after the other, however after they do, I can not do something besides shield their important factors.

I solely discuss being damage by many individuals on the web or when I’m a sufferer myself.
“You are also making statements that hurt a lot of people in the media.”
let’s notice that
Some individuals discuss unhealthy about you on-line
There are people who find themselves damage by your phrases and actions.

everybody experiences
tips on how to understand it
Don’t discuss like somebody who dedicated suicide
This form of man is essentially the most annoying

The newest episode of “Oshi no Ko” has an incredible response…
Well it is anime
Yaruo PC sweat thin eyes close

It’s egocentric to overlap with myself
If you complain about it, you will not be capable to create dramas or novels, not to mention anime.
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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