Next-gen update for the first Dying Light is now live on Xbox Series X/S

The next-gen update for the first Dying Light is now live on Xbox Series X/S.

The park, as is the case with its version for PlayStation 5, allows Xbox Series X users to switch between three graphics modes: one with 60FPS rendering and 1080p resolution, one with 30FPS quality and 4K resolution, and a medium, called Balanced, which offers 60FPS has no QHD resolution.

In Xbox Series S, the park offers two graphics modes, one with 30FPS rendering and Full HD resolution and another with choppy 30FPS and 1440p resolution. These two modes, in addition, have also been implemented in Xbox One X.

The Polish company also assured that the park would include “a new network code using an EOS solution”.

Dying Light was released in 2015 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Techland has continued to support it with updates and new content over the years, and even now, after the launch of its sequel, it has decided to continue working with this park to take advantage of hardware from new Sony consoles and Microsoft.

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