Nexon will present 14 titles in G-Star 2018, among them two PC MMORPGs

El G-Star 2018 is back on the corner and Nexon has already announced the 14 games it is preparing to present, among them we have two MMORPGs and a MOBA for PC. The rest, as you can already imagine, will arrive on mobile platforms.

Ascendant One

A fictional scientific MOBA is in early access, with a launch scheduled for early 2019 in South Korea. A global launch is expected, although you have not confirmed that the full English translation has already been found in the game’s archives.


Astellia is a 3D fantasy MMORPG for PC that is supposed to be known as Project A in 2016 and was developed by Study 8property of Barunson E&A, below Unreal Engine 3. The radical innovation is that it includes a large-scale ‘Astell’ combat and summons system with a TCG element (Trading Card Game). The Astell invitations have exclusive skills and their ability to learn new skills and level up. How to expect to compete with advanced Mazmorras, Raid, Hunting Field and final content for PvP and PvE that coexist with more final content.

Astellia Trailer 2016

New trailer

At present it is not known if it is coming to the west. Leave the official website here.

Dragon dog

Known as Project DH in G-Star 2016, Dragonhound is finally an MMORPG for PC developed by DevCAT Studiosbelow Unreal Engine 4. I did not get much information about the game, but the pictures of something similar to Monster Hunter, we tend to fight and chase huge monsters in the mouth of our mountains, and we will fight with a huge arsenal to explore the critical points in the creatures. More information here.

Details are also expected Peria Chronicles Online y The Savior’s Tree: Mobile Remake, 2 eternities that take G-Star after G-Star, but it does not end there.

The rest of the games will be for mobile devices and are as follows:

  • 4 towers
  • The diver Dave
  • Running Man Heroes
  • Project V4 (Mobile MMORPG)
  • Crazy Arcade BnB M
  • Spiritwish (Mobile MMORPG)
  • Traha (Mobile MMORPG)
  • Lightning: The light carrier
  • Opposite
  • Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon
  • TalesWeaver M
  • Mabinogi Mobile (MMORPG Mobile)

Video review of all the games for Nexon’s G-Star 2018

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