Nexon for sale for about 8000 million euros

The founder of Nexon, Kim Jung-ju, has put up for sale the total participation in activities that the company has. This is supposed to be 98.64% of the actions, gains approximately value Won 10 billion, what comes is to change something 8000 million euros.

Among the main candidates to make the purchase are found NetEase, Netmarble Corp., Cocoa Corp. and the Chinese giant Tencent Holdings. It’s rumored, too Electronic art could be interested. According to some differences, there is also a great deal of concern that Korea’s largest gaming company is going to be under foreign control.

On the other hand, Deustsche Bank y Morgan Stanley, will be responsible for managing the sale and the portal for NXC Corp has declined to comment on this.

According to Reuters, a source where we have seen the news confirm this fact, other media also commented that there is a rumor and so far nothing has been confirmed.

Stay tuned to know that everything remains.

Nexon distributes online video games and was founded in Seoul in 1994. Currently headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and from MMOinGame we have and expect a large number of titles promising from the company, which can be Project BBQ or Dragon Hound. Considering that Nexon owns a large number of games for PC and mobile, we know a lot about the regulation that P2W has.

From the point of view of influencing us players of MMOs, it may be good news that another company is struggling with the Korean titan and happily opting for a less aggressive revenue system.

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