News presented at FRONTIER EXPO 2017

Border development is the study behind Elite Dangerous, LostWinds and Planet Coaster and was founded in 1994 by industry veteran David Braben. The specialty of the developers of Frontier is the creation of fun and absorbing video game designs, united to an unprecedented artistic quality, and all highlighted and facilitated by the innovative COBRA video game development technology, and developing the talent for its developers the best of hardware and user interface creation.

As usual, there are many developers, present every year at the Expo offers new news about the games they work with. Frontier Developments is no exception, and had a round of success at its first Frontier Expo, followed live by more than 1,000 members from the communities of Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution, where news was presented for all its titles.


During Gamescom in August, Jurassic World Evolution was unveiled to the world. At Frontier Expo, game director Mike Brookes, chief designer Andy Fletcher and animation director Nick Rodgers showed the first video recorded in the game and talked about the columns and main features.

Let’s let the video do it alone. Build your own Jurassic World in Jurassic World Evolution, which hits the market next summer 2018.


It has been a fantastic year for Planet Coaster, with over one million players, over 3.9 million playing hours, 142,000 objects in the Steam Workshop and rails from Russian mountains have been built to bring them back to Earth 38, 8 times.

Under FX17 we announce ANNIVERSARY UPDATE to Planet Coaster, which is coming this year to all players in a FREE way. The Planet Coaster 1.4 Anniversary update will follow our winter, spring and summer parks and add new content, attractions and features to the Planet Coaster. It will also serve to introduce one of the most demanding features and functions in the community: Manuscript editor.

We give players all the tools to create and share their own scenes. These scenes will be shared with the community through the Steam Workshop, thus creating an endless stream of content every day directly from the hands of the incredibly creative Planet Coaster community.

And the direction gets harder thanks to the new building of Personnel direction. Employees will have to take breaks and take turns leaving their positions and closing stores if no one can cover shifts. Keeping the staff comfortable and avoiding revolutions is a new job for amusement park directors, but Planet Coaster allows your employees to disable the dance bars if they just want to build for fun.

The anniversary update adds four new attractions: Weisshorn, a classic attraction; la CascadePlanet Coasters first aquatic attraction; Hop The Gaps, a new attraction that will leave you unharmed; and a secret gathering, which we will reveal in advance; and all the Russian attractions and mountains will also receive a better. In Planet Coaster 1.4, players can switch any train to any type of circuit.

ELITE DANGEROUS: 2.4 and above

During FX17, a number of updates to Elite Dangerous were announced, arriving in 2018 free to all Elite Dangerous: Horizons players. These updates will be called BESIDES.

The Beyond update series is a progression to the narrative that improves and develops new basic techniques and new content and key features. During the first and last quarter of the year, we will offer two major Beyond updates, while in the media we will see new content such as naves, missions, scenes and other content.

The first major update of Beyond will improve the system engineering workwhich guarantees that existing systems will grow and improve. Crime and punishment will be a system where the authorities will be able to respond to criminal acts in a more appropriate way. The data on Act will be more informative. New missions from Ak where players can do more things with their friends. And Elite Dangerous is will look and sound better thanks to the new planetary detail technology and the new Audio Galnet, the galaxy news broadcaster that we will hear as we fly.

The second major update of Beyond will take the final space and take the groups of players to a new level thanks to ‘Squadrons‘(Clans), this will allow groups of players to organize, communicate with the team and even buy a Fleet Carrier, giving all members a mobile base where they can store, buy and return when they die. La Mining it will be transformed into something more attractive thanks to the new tools to extract materials and their resources. Loose explorers there will be a new Codex – an exploration archive of achievements and ready to fill with the game’s history – new phenomena to discover and new exploration techniques.

In addition, Beyond’s second major park will also update galaxy, it will be better thanks to the best in the lighting system, the environmental phenomena of the planets and the volumetric effects that will come to the Elite Dangerous.

Og supuesto, el Thargoids return will continue with Elite Dangerous 2.4 and the Beyond update series, with new Thargoid objects, stations being hit by Thargoids, and a constantly evolving story that will be influenced by players’ actions. We will reveal new details about Beyond updates very soon.

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