News overview – week 18 to 22 May 2020

Take a look at them video game news in the week of May 18-22. Un weekly podcast which is broadcast every Friday on Twitch, where Zebensuí Rodríguez and Daniel García comment on the news about the world of MMOs. A review of what we’ve seen with Archeage Unchained and its new DLC, the Russian MMORPG Corepunk and interesting games like Frozen Flame or The Ragnarök. Are you going to lose it?

Podcast # 1 | Video game news

If you can not stay live last Friday, do not despair, we will give you the overview so you can enjoy it. Additionally, by sponsoring the site of Patreon, for a donation that goes from $ 2 to $ 50, you can enjoy exclusive full versionamong other benefits, more than one GRAN AGRADECIMIENTO to support the work we perform.

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