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Episode 1 of the new Gundam anime “Witch of Mercury” will be aired β†’ The shocking unexpected development has become a hot topic! There is such a Gundam! ?

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Utena’s group suddenly becomes busy with the composition of a woman “taking responsibility” for a bride who runs away from being forced to marry a man.

At least at the time of the title, it is certain that I am conscious

Gundam Witch of Mercury, everything is decided by a duel between students In a school city, a girl challenged a man to a duel to protect the bride who was being violently abused in a greenhouse by a man. It’s about Utena

Ms. Yokoren,
It was almost exactly Saionji…(-Ο‰-;

By the way, “witch” is also an Utena word.

Tutu = Tuachuri is too confident and laughs

How do you handle battle quotas when you’re doing school stuff with Gundam?
β†’ Adopting Revolutionary Girl Utena’s duel system as it is has too much momentum

The Witch of Mercury Prologue was so Gundam, it was thoughtful that “The first episode is too Utena, so I’ll show you the Gundam part first so you don’t get surprised”…

The Witch of Mercury, in the prologue, “I’m not going to loosen up on being a Gundam just because it’s a female protagonist.”
And in one episode, showing a painful development
“However, please enjoy your fun school life before you all suffer! Yuri Engagement! Utena Duel Gundam!”
The temperature difference breaks the otaku

The Witch of Mercury was purely the Gundam version of Utena if it was just episode 1, but considering the bloody massacre in the prologue and the discrimination and privileged class that spread calmly in the school, the Gundam version where students kill each other from about the second course. There is also a prediction that it will become a snow moon, so it is scary

oh i totally do this…
It’s already a lot of conviction…
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However, when Anthy finally decided to step down from the role of the bride,
Mioline had already expressed her intention to reject the role of the bride in episode 1.
I’m looking forward to seeing it develop in a direction other than simply tracing Utena.
Husband who does not think

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