New Elden Ring Park Fixes Issues With PlayStation 5 Saved Games

A new Elden Ring park has solved the problem of games stored on PlayStation 5.

Update 1.02.2 is now available for PC and PS5 and fixes an issue where PlayStation 5 progress will be lost if the game crashes or the console is in rest mode.

Bandai Namco has already gotten rid of the issue and advised players to close the game manually when it comes to closing the game.

In the PC version, on the other hand, the park corrects the problem so that no valid graphics card is detected.

Last week, we gave Elden Ring a seal of Imprescindible in its PlayStation 5 version, and told it that “Rompedor is pretty much everything, Elden Ring takes the Souls formula more out of difficulty and combat, and transforms all in extraordinary.”

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