New details on Steam Direct

The fee for Steam Direct is set at $100

In february Valve Presented Steam Direct, una version mejorada de Steam Greenlightwith which they seek to improve the experience of the user on their platform, and one of the themes that have risen, the developers must soberly do Indiafue la cup that they had to pay to publish their game on Steam, that it was initially announced that it would be between $100 and $5,000, and now it has been set at $100 «recoverables for the game».

Desde Valve dieron una explanation al precio de las tasas y dieron lo suuiente;

Cuando anunciamos Steam Direct en febrero, no habíamos decidido cuanto debía pagar los develoadores para publicar sus juegos. We wanted as little as possible to ensure that this wouldn’t affect the game developers starting out, but not so much that it would be easy to abuse our system. We thought it would be great if the gaming community would have a conversation about it, including players and developers, so we decided not to mention a specific amount in the original publication.

Since then we have seen very good conversations about the various pros and cons of what amount there is, how much it should be, the way it could be recovered, which developers would benefit or affect, predictions about how this would affect the store and many other factors to make a decision. There were logical and convincing arguments to determine the amount we mentioned from $100 to $5000. We were thinking about an amount around $500, but the conversations in the community really helped us determine that this amount was not the lowest amount, and we thought about what we could do to make it work for a smaller amount.

So in the end we decided that the lowest possible publishing rate for the developers would be $100 recoverable per post. games, which would also help design features that could improve the store’s algorithm so you could find the games more easily. We will try to incorporate the human eye into the store’s algorithm to ensure that it works as it should and that nothing interesting is lost.


Summary; Steam Direct will be practically the same as Steam Greenlight, but now developers will have to pay $100 per games they want to publish and there is no flat fee to publish all the games they want.

«Steam Direct will remove some details so that we can remove the bugs and we trust that they will work. Optar por la tasa pubicacional más baja le will allow each developer to make players recognize their name. El algorithm de la tienda will do everything to ensure that the games you see are the ones you really want to see. Combinar la major visibility of todos en el pensamiento del algorithm con el ojo humano de los mentors, will ensure that when the algorithm is not working correctly, we will know and we will have the opportunity to fix it. «

It is a strategy that is a strategy that can help you learn a tutiplen.

Do you have an opinion about all due respect?

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