Network neutrality at risk due to FCC proposals

Network neutrality prevents ISPs from blocking, restricting, or favoring traffic from one source to another

In 2015, under the Obama administration, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established neutrality rules for the network to prevent service providers (ISPs) from blocking, restricting or favoring traffic from one source to another. Now, without embargo, under the Trump administration, the new president of the FCC, Ajit Pai quiere completely dismantle network neutrality and allow “fast cars” for companies that want to pay moreto be able to provide content to their customers of the best quality or with multiple bands. This proposal would also entail a cost exemption since service in the United States. considered a replacement and not a luxury property.

On December 14, a vote will be taken in the FCC, and this proposal can be translated into reality. This new law will affect how the Internet works in the United States and then, without the slightest doubt, in the rest of the planet.

As it turns out, the whole industry is very preoccupied with this theme, and video game companies are no exception. The peace proposal would suggest that the Internet would slowly lose its democratic character and would be convincing in an oligarchy ruled by powerful ISPs that one can do what one wants before any real regulation comes. As the New York Times reported, “With one drop, companies like AT&T and Comcast can charge people higher prices to access secure websites and services online. Businesses can also prioritize their own services when playing on rival websites.”

Hypothetically, Comcast or any of the ISPs could present a “Premium Game Plan” that would provide high-speed access to our favorite services such as Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam, etc. As regular players, and especially professionals, we would need yes or no low latency in order to enjoy the game online, having to pay that extra to our ISP so we can do it. At the same time, the ISP was able to charge extra money from Microsoft to provide the Xbox service in a “fast carry” on its network, an additional cost that we eventually paid users more than once.

Many companies in the video game industry have made their position clear, as in the case of Jeremy Stieglitz, founder of Studio Wildcard, developer of ARK: Survival Evolvedwho has explained that «Anyone concerned about online multiplayer should take up arms against the intent to destroy network neutrality in the United States. The idea is to completely destroy the opportunities for free and fair competition based on whether you are a small company or a large company ”.

Jason Citron, Discord’s delegate adviser, also spoke out against the FCC’s intentions. «Network neutrality is incredibly important for the little ones startups as Discord, because all internet traffic must be treated equally, which allows us to have access to the same resources as the large companies ”.

After all this section to explain a little about the issue and the importance of the trial, it is important that all users participate in a public protest against this FCC proposal. Just as many users of the sector will use force against EA and its policy of loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2, I think it is now a much more important issue where everyone will have to express their dissatisfaction.

If you are against the FCC’s proposal and want the Internet to continue as it is now, go through Save The Internet and support your battlefield.

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