Neowiz will showcase its MMORPG Bless Online at TwitchCon 2017

Bless Online is coming to Steam in 2018

According to the Korean press, Neowiz will display your MMORPG Bless Online at TwitchCon 2017. Originally scheduled to be released in the West by Aeria Games before canceling its contract, Neowiz has decided to bring MMORPGs to the West, though it will release them itself. The developers are working on everything they want to change in the game before bringing Bless Online to our countries and have already presented some of the changes grades, team upgrade system, new skills system, refurbished combat system, Crafting / Gathing, tameo and monturas island the user interface, among other.

Another news that is known is that Neowiz will launch Bless online on Steam for 2018.

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Let’s center a little more on TwitchCon 2017will be one of the main sponsors Net marble, which will have hundreds of mobile games available for assistants to try, but without a doubt one of the most desired games by users will be Lineage 2: Revolution. This Action RPG free to play for mobile devices, it is the official successor to one of the most intelligent MMORPGs ever. Lineage 2: Revolution has not yet been launched in the West, but Netmarble is set to launch the global version, and is sure to be a much smoother version.

Other games that will be in the event will be; World of Warcraft, Shadowverse, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arena of Valor and many more.

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