Nacon with Midgar Studio |

Nacon announced the purchase of Midgar Studio.

The French studio was known for its work on Edge of Eternity, a title it gave to classic JRPGs. Also in its catalog was Hover, a parkour video game with a futuristic vibe.

Midgar CEO and Founder Jeremy Zeler-Maury said, “Being creative and technically excellent is a hallmark of Midgar Studio and our identity. We are very happy with Nacon, who listen and understand what we are trying to achieve. “With his support, we have the opportunity to achieve our ambitions while maintaining great freedom.”

Nacon’s president, Alain Falc, added for his part that “it is always exciting for Nacon to welcome a new team to our family, and this without restricting the creativity and practicality of the work which hinders its success. high-quality games in a segment that we have never specialized in. Combining the experience of the study with our publishing side, we will soon be able to offer our players great high-quality games created in France”.

This last point of his statements is striking, since Nacon has already conducted five development studies, ten of which are blocked in France.

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