My Hello Kitty Cafe Codes – Free Diamonds and Pearls

Need for My Hello Kitty Café codes? It’s the latest game based on an existing license to land on the Roblox platform after Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, and there are already a good amount of gifts that you can download right now. To have an initial advantage in this cafeteria construction simulator mixed with the ever popular Hello Kitty Sanrio character, we have listed all the codes we can find.

In this Roblox guide we will list all the current job codes in My Hello Kitty Cafe, in addition to what was unlocked. We will also detail some instructions for the dog to make it comfortable and easy to use, at the same time we will review some useful destinations online to get even more codes as soon as possible.

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All the work codes for My Hello Kitty Cafe

  • LIKEKITTYBD2 – 100 gemas
  • MIG GUSTAKITTYAD2 – Sunflower
  • LIKEKITTYCD2 – 10 vanilla beats, 10 green beats, Gacha Tix
  • LIKEKITTYQD2 – Photo of Pompompurina
  • LIKEKITTYED2 – 300 gemas

Unfortunately, the following My Hello Kitty Cafe codes have expired. It was tried last time and it was confirmed that it does not work April 27, 2022.

Discarded codes:

  • At the time of writing this article, there is not a single My Hello Kitty Cafe code left. Good news!

How do I use my Hello Kitty cafe codes?

Fortunately, sending these helpful codes to My Hello Kitty Cafe is pretty straightforward. In fact, the canje method involves only a few touches and clicks on the menu. Without hesitation, keep in mind that you must have completed the game tutorial before the mechanics can be unlocked. It requires a little cleaning so you can not cancel them right away.

  • Load My Hello Kitty Cafe through the Roblox game page.
  • Complete the tutorial to the point that Hello Kitty opens up the city to you.
  • Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Press the pestaña codes.
  • Enter a code from our list and press Confirm.
  • If the code is valid and works, you will receive a message indicating that it has been unlocked.

What are my Hello Kitty coffee codes?

As with many other Roblox games, the My Hello Kity Cafe codes are free coupons that you can use to get free game items. The content of each code will vary once decided by the developer Rock Panda Games.

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In current cases, you can get a lot of diamonds and ornaments solely through the codes. Diamonds are the game’s prime currency and are used to buy coins. This is what you use to update your existing coffee items and buy more equipment to make your cafeteria a more efficient production, so you will definitely find many trends for them.

In addition, the codes also offer some dough to sell in their cafe to avoid the mixing process. It is combined with some cosmetic decorations to arrange your place, making it aesthetically pleasing as the game in general.

How do I get multiple My Hello Kitty Cafe codes?

As a newly licensed game on the Roblox platform, there is no doubt that there will be many more My Hello Kitty Cafe codes in the near future. As such, we have listed some places where the last coupons are stored so there can always be so many results.

Its best port of call is, so to speak, the game’s official Roblox page. All current codes, along with future promotions, are listed in the description. Promises a new code for the 60,000 I like.

Given that the game currently has 58,000 likes, it’s not very easy. Beyond that, the pen is worth following Rock Panda Studies on Twitter, in addition to unifying your Discord server. In the future, both places will also have to host codes.

Of course, you should also mark this page as a favorite and return to visit it often if you do not have the courage to explore the channels on social networks. We will update our list as soon as it is more relevant so you do not have to stress. In the meantime, feel free to get the latest batch of Slayers Unleashed tags, which were only released a few days after the new update.

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