MY.GAMES will continue to increase its revenue by more than 20% in March 2020

We have a comprehensive press release from the international editor MY GAMES which announced an annual increase in its revenue of 13.4% during the first quarter of 2020. This means that it has resulted in 7,896 million rubles ($ 115 million). The increase in MY.GAMES revenue has exceeded the annual 20% in March 2020.

No rastro from Lost Ark to the West

Since it was announced a few days ago that Lost Ark will be integrated into the international platform MY.GAMES Store, it has been confirmed that this will be translated into Lost Ark, in its Russian version, will also be able to play through it international store in the future, but it does not currently include America and Europe, thus maintaining the blockade by region.

MY.GAMES has invested in COVID-19 initiatives to ensure players keep social distance from home. The PlayAtHomeStandUnited campaign was launched on March 24 with the support of more than 150,000 players in one week. This month, MY.GAMES has teamed up with WHO’s #PlayApartTogether campaign to encourage players to stay home and save lives.

All this movement is to keep players in touch while playing, MY.GAMES has implemented urgent features in MY.GAMES Store, includes a new messaging service, multi-profile accounts, as well as integration of Twitch and Mixer posts. At the end of March, a jump of 25% was registered in MY.GAMES Butikstrafik. With more than 615,000 single users who have used its messaging software since its launch on March 24 and have opened it more than 3.2 million times. About a third of users have tried the multi-profile feature.


“MY.GAMES accounted for 35% of all Group’s revenue in the first quarter of 2020, with 69% of revenue generated by MMOs from international audiences”commented Vasily Maguryan, CEO of MY.GAMES. “Although it has been a good start to the year, the safety of our staff and players during the COVID-19 crisis has been our priority. We have implemented new work procedures to help all our developers continue to create great games during this period of isolation. With the support of our staff, we are launching various initiatives to help players and stop the COVID-19 infection. Our plan is to continue the work in this sense during the second quarter. “

A look at the numbers in the games


The editor has seen a positive effect in relation to daily users and competitors on PCs and consoles. Warface has shown a jump in its daily audience in Europe with a 45% increase in users at the end of March. MMO Conqueror’s Blades also has grown by 75% in the same period. New registrations for this have reached 267% compared to the previous month in March, with 2.6 million. While the growth for Warface has been 70% compared to February

Warface was launched for the Nintendo Switch on February 18 and attracts millions of users in one month. This converts to the fourth platform where the game is available. Warface is also the first title with CryEngine that has been transferred to the Nintendo Switch. Warface continues to be one of the top three franchises for MY.GAMES, despite being in its nineteenth year. The company plans to launch a new French title for consoles during the second quarter on PS4 and Xbox One.

As for the first quarter, 66% of the registrations in the gaming segment came from mobile titles. Hustle Castle continues to show solid performance with 58 million downloads. The game has set a new daily revenue record of 128 million rubles ($ 1.7 million) on April 15 and is maintained among the top three titles in the MY.GAMES catalog. The game for mobile American father! Apocalypse soondeveloped in collaboration with FOX Next, has registered 4.5 million installations. Left to survive, developed by Whalekit Studio, maintains among the five titles with the highest turnover and nearly 22 million downloads. The game with a strong narrative component for mobile Love Sick: Interactive Storiesdeveloped by SWAG MASHA, is among the ten most successful of MY.GAMES and has tripled the number of players since the final in 2019 and has surpassed 12 million downloads since its launch in February 2019. During the first quarter, MY.GAMES has access to manage Melngame Studio, developers of the title zombie surveillance Zero bywhich has already passed nine million installations.

MY.GAMES has maintained the launch of new mobile titles in the first quarter in line with the 2020 plan. Warface: Global Operations, a free-to-play mobile title launched by Whalekit in January has registered 5.5 million installations. During the first month, this lost title was converted into Game of the Month in the European App Store. The IT Territory survey launched the title of fairy tales and riddles Worldwide: Cloud Harbor for mobile on March 16, while Pixonic has made its own with the new Dino hold the last April 20th.

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