MY.GAMES rises to the top 3 editors of mobile games in Europe groupwith its entertainment department MY GAMESsat between the three editors of apps for mobile with the largest turnover in 2019 in Europe (source: App Annie). Group is also the only associated company in Russia that occupies a position among the 10 largest editors in Europe. Group has returned to be included in the list of editors for the most successful mobile in Europe, thanks to the submissions received. The company has climbed two positions, from the fifth in 2018 to the third in 2019. Just like last year, Group has only top 10 company based in Russiaowes mainly to the games.

Revenue per. mobile titles topped 2019 revenue with 62% of the total. Un 92% of the audience for mobile games on Group is already located outside Russia. These will be distributed in the third quarter of 2019 with 34% for North America (US and Canada) and 31% from Europe. The three countries with the largest trading volumes were Germany, France and the United Kingdom, in that order. At the same time, VK revenue has also increased, as the first super-app in Russia.

You may also be interested in other company data such as; permanent staff, number of offices or the number of monthly employees that may be.

MY.GAMES reaffirms its commitment to offering the best gaming experiences to markets around the world. At the same time, it maintains its growth strategy for the next few years and increases the international revenue share to 80% in 2022. A share where the expansion of the company and the company will maintain new alliances with strategic brands, as has been the case. the case of Fox Next in the development of American Dad: Apocalypse Soon!.

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For the past 10 years, the full team has been focused on developing and publishing titles with international projections. In 2019, all these Group resources were consolidated under the international brand MY.GAMES. Of this they then formed 13 internal studies. The current portfolio under the MY.GAMES brand includes mobile hits such as Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom (developed by Studio Nord), War Robots (Pixonic), Left to Survive (Whalekit), American Dad: Apocalypse Soon! (Fast Forward Studio), Love Sick: Interactive Stories (SWAG MASHA) and many others.

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