MY.GAMES Large digital store will offer 90% revenue to developers

MY.GAMES has announced a new commission plan for developers to run on their platform MY.GAMES Store. The new option provides an income adjustment of 90/10, where 90% of this goes to the developer and 10% to the sales platform. In addition, the new model applies to all purchases made through the commercial campaigns of the developer himself.

The 90/10 correction only applies to external campaigns

To choose this increase in benefits, interested parties must first generate a link through the developer site in MY.GAMES Store. This link can be used in any commercial campaign, including Facebook, Google, live channels and blogs. Purchases must be made via the link provided and will automatically receive 90% of the benefit to the developer.

Through the area in the account of developers these can also monitor all important measurements, which includes CTR, registrations, payment users or loyalty. With this information, developers can maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns, as well as gain access to an even better revenue stream.


«This is my mark of the anniversary of MY.GAMES. We want to celebrate it and share our success with our developers“Said Rodion Kotelnikov, Head of MY.GAMES Store. «We want to increase revenue share with all the teams that decide to promote their titles on our platform. The data collected will give them a clear reflection of their marketing strategies«.

MY.GAMES Store launched in beta in December 2019, and all MY.GAMES titles, including the popular ones, are available on the platform Conqueror’s Blade and the Warface series. The store continues to grow and now offers more than 150 titles from more than 50 students and editors. Since its launch, the number of users has not stopped growing, which has tripled during the first quarter of 2020.

In addition to the new increase in commissions for generated traffic, MY.GAMES Store maintains 70/30 standard of revenue distributed across the platform. It returns to the development of the new platform and various activities with the aim of reaching new users.

Note: As stated in the press release, but in a somewhat confusing way, purchases made from the same platform have a 70/30 benefit repair, the same as on Steam. Epic Games Store continues to be the store with the best repair for the developer with an 88/12.

«We have put our heart and soul into the development of an intelligent publishing system with MY.GAMES Store, where meta is the best platform for developers and players worldwide“, said Vasily Maguryan, CEO of MY.GAMES.”Apart from the last year with MY.GAMES, our team has been in the video game market for 13 years. We are currently working with hundreds of different companies and developers. The quality of this experience has been crucial, so we decided to make MY.GAMES Store one of the most competitive platforms on the market.«.

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