MY.GAMES grew by 46% in the second quarter of 2020

Branded by international video games MY GAMES ended by announcing a global growth of 46% in the second quarter of 2020 with revenue of $ 152 million.

The company has reached 700 million registered users during this second quarter thanks to its recent expansion in the international market. In fact, its international turnover (excluding Russia) increased during this 2nd quarter by 74%, making Germany (+34% compared to the previous year) the best market, followed by the United Kingdom (+77% compared to the year ) previously) and France (+55% compared to previous years). The keys to this growth during this period have been the launch of new products on consoles and the exceptional performance on mobile platforms, one of the fastest growing markets in the video game industry around the world.

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MY.GAMES on mobile worldwide

During the second quarter, MY.GAMES launched two new mobile games: Dino hold y Worldwide: Cloud Harbor

Hustle Castle (launched by Nord Studio in 2016) increased its records by 53.5% in April and reached 64 million downloads. Under COVID, the game has surpassed its monthly benefits by approximately $ 10 million, while remaining one of the brands with the largest revenue generation.

MY.GAMES aims to maintain its position in the RPG strategy genre with the expansion of Nord Studio, which has also recently reached more 10 million downloads as Zero byso it also continues to grow American father! Apocalypse soon.

American father! Apocalypse soonwith 6 million downloads– also had a good performance with an increase of 71% of profits in the US compared to the first quarter of the year.

Left to survivefrom Whalekit, captured them 25 million downloads and set its own revenue record in June by $ 3 million.

Love Sick: Interactive Stories increased its loads by five compared to the previous room, and exceeded them 19 million downloads since its launch in February last year.

67% of MY.GAMES ‘profit during this second quarter came from the mobile market, and the TOP 5 games that have generated revenue are War robots, Hustle Castle, Left to survive, Love Sick: Interactive Storiesy Zero by. Purchases within MY.GAMES apps increased by 39% during the first half of the year, a very high figure compared to the 21.2% that were followed in the same period last year.

MY.GAMES on PC and consoles around the world

On May 26, MY.GAMES launched Warface: Breakouta premium and P2P first-person tactical shooter on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Warface: Outbreak was developed by Allods Team, an in-house study that has already brought Warface to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The new Warface: Breakout is very popular in the United States, where 56% of sales come from there. Its launch is said to have resulted in a remarkable increase in profits for the Warface franchise in the second quarter, which grew by more than 400% compared to last year in the US and 300% compared to last year’s profits in the UK.

Audience of Warface and Nintendo Switch caught them 2.5 million players since its launch on 18 February.

Conqueror’s Blades (PC, launched in 2019), reached them 2.7 million players in the 2nd quarter of 2020which grew rapidly during the month of March (+ 85% compared to the previous month) and April (+64% compared to the previous month).

“The challenges facing the world and the gaming industry in 2020 have had a remarkable impact on our results this quarter. Due to the measures imposed by the forties around the world, we have seen the number of players enjoy our titles, rise, and the time they spend playing games, “said Volker Boenigk, CEO of MY.GAMES in Amsterdam.” MY.GAMES operates in three main divisions: development, publishing and investment. We have been active in the European video game market for years and games like Conqueror’s Blade, as a demonstration of the growth of this quarter, we’re gaining experience in bringing PC and console games to the European market and expanding them effectively. to reinvent our growth in this space by contracting new equipment and creating new partners ”.

“Ahead of the challenges we have had to face our team, we have successfully launched three titles during the second quarter,” Boenigk continued. “We have also joined our new partner, BeIngame, to support Zero City on mobile. We are constantly looking for new target groups as our portfolio diversifies and grows. Despite the risks that the industry is right now, we continue to meet our goals for 2020 and 2021. We are developing more than 15 new games, and we continue to operate and support more than 60 titles in more than 190 countries, say intellectuals from MY. PLAY 90% of our total profits. Although we hope that players’ behavior returns to normal by the end of this year, we have successfully surpassed any growth in the market. game during this period it was difficult. From here, we will focus on getting our forecasts for the annual financial results ”.

“We hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be brought under control, but we need to move on,” Volker Boenigk added. “We are constantly monitoring the global development of COVID-19, but we want to continue to look for new investments and growth opportunities in the wake of the pandemic. In the future, we hope to continue to offer more world-class games and content to our players and parts. MY.GAMES ‘continued success with our regional partners, developers and communities ”.

During 2020, MY.GAMES has supported initiatives to combat COVID-19 and recommends players maintain social distance. In March, the company launched the #PlayAtHomeStandUnited campaign before participating in the WHO campaign, #PlayApartTogether, during the month of April. MY.GAMES has also supported players in mental health issues, conducted a survey to find out how they are doing, and is offering free advertising to various organizations in May.

In addition, MY.GAMES Store has introduced a new exclusive traffic system that gives developers a better understanding of the audience who visit their games. This has given way to a new opportunity to share benefits where developers receive 90% of the revenue from their traffic. MY.GAMES has also launched a new program to help the most casual developers release their games. The new program offers business opportunities to these developers, who will receive 60% of the benefits and a contract with MY.GAMES worth $ 50,000.

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