[Must-see]“Rockman EXE Advanced Collection” Commemorating the beginning of pre-orders! Anime “Rockman EXE” collection can be launched on Youtube without spending a dime!

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[Reservation start]God sport ported work “Rockman EXE Advanced Collection” can be launched on PS4 / Switch / PC on April 14, 2023! ! Implement on-line battles and ranked matches! !

from Twitter

the very best

Oh God!thanks for youth

Anime, watch it!


I appreciated the flirting a part of the anime

I’m ready for supply of meteor with exe…

Seriously, I simply needed to see ACCESS ~ beast, so thanks a lot

I need you to distribute it to d anime or Netflix

I’d be completely happy if a Blu-ray BOX was launched on this event.

I like stream god op
I’ve no alternative however to look at

Are you capable of transmit once more? ! ! !

youth of my childhood

Rockman EXE anime is offered without spending a dime!
Everything, together with the OP, is so nostalgic!

By the best way, I’m extra of a media fan than Roll-chan
Disrespectful Husband Salaryman Suit Glasses

Rockman EXE Advanced Collection -Switch

Release date: 2023-04-14
Manufacturer: Capcom
Category: Video Games
Sales rank:

New Edition Rockman EXE 01

Release date: 2021-10-12
Category: Digital Ebook Purchases
Sales rank:


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