[Must-see for fans]Hololive’s official new horror game “hololive ERROR” will be on sale for 1000 yen for PC It looks scary normally

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The PC horror game “hololive ERROR”, which is a horror project of Hololive and features VTubers who belong to Hololive as characters, is now on sale. The digital version can be purchased for 1000 yen.

Release commemorative special set with bonus goods is also sold (order sales)

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Here we come! I’ll take it!

I want to do this, but I’m afraid…

surprisingly cheap

because there is no switch

home use please

I want it, but it’s probably too spec garbage to be able to

i want a panel
But the problem is the main game (horror resistance minus immeasurable)

I don’t know about Hololive or VTuber, but it doesn’t look scary

I want a single item of setting materials…

The number of people is decreasing every year, it’s horror!

Want to buy! ! I want to buy one, but I’m too scared to do it……

Horolive release of hololive!
Niki and others who are not good at horror play until clear! ? If you’re a hololive fan, of course! ?
Yaruo PC before Nikka

Horror game is unreasonable for you too

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