Mr. Masanori Morita of “Rokudenashi BLUES” “The scene where you kill people is good, but the scene where you smoke is strange because there are people who complain.”

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It’s okay to draw a scene where you kill people, but it’s strange that some people complain when you draw a scene where you smoke.

Criminals are escaping by car, obligated to wear seat belts.

Anything that cannot be imitated is OK
Anything that can be imitated is NG
I feel like that line is drawn
to do so
Should I say that it doesn’t make sense

I feel like the main character of the work published in Jump has stopped smoking since a certain time

Ryo quit smoking was the biggest shock 😢
It’s sad that detective stories can’t be passed on to the current generation.

Even if the inside of the intestine is projected, the entrance is a mosaic

Is it the difference between catching it as fiction or catching it as non-fiction?

How about regulating manga too?
Cartoons are comics.

I thought about it during Rookies, but I think there is a meaningful smoking scene in the story…
I loved the story of Nicogaku breaking up with cigarettes

Music, comics, comedy, plays, and all other forms of entertainment are interesting because they can be seen separately from everyday life, but… I’m tired of entertainment that is full of regulations.

No, really, I hate everything because of regulations
After all, cigarettes have a cool image, and I wonder if they think it affects minors.
Yaruo PC sweat thin eyes close

Someday, like some other country, manga itself will be regulated…
Husband who doesn't do cigarettes

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