Mr. Hikakin, when choosing a skin color for the character makeup of “Splatoon 3”, he said “about normal” and was hit by some people “natural discrimination” “too messy”

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Some netizens mentioned a word when creating a character in Hikakin’s “Splatoon 3” play-by-play video.

Splatoon 3 Hikakin skin Image related to character creation-02

I’m going to break politics like this…

troublesome world

black and white are not normal

You mean everything is normal?Anti B

The skin color of the yellow race is the skin color of the yellow race, and the skin color of the yellow race is normal.Where are you looking at Ichamon Tsuketonnen

Hikakin is not wrong.

stop natural discrimination

Eh… can I say “the most familiar skin color in my life”? ? ?

Even though I mean normal based on myself
Reverse discrimination?

You want to be discriminated against to blame this

This is completely out. Because there are people who think like this, discrimination such as “It’s not normal!” will be born.

The one who reacts strangely is more discriminatory

Ordinary as a yellow race

Well, if you do it overseas, it’s going to be outrageous.

“It’s discrimination to describe skin color as ‘normal color’!”
Isn’t it already becoming a word hunt?
yaruo cleaning roller

Or rather, I think many people other than Hikakin have said this…
It’s hard to be an influential celebrity

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