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April 17, 2022: It’s Sunday and there’s a new answer from Moviedle!

Moviedle is like Heardle, but now with video. Except the video is a full movie. If you struggle with Reply from Moviedle, we have it here to help you. The diary will also be updated so you never lose the opportunity to keep a racha alive.

If you like games like Moviedle then find Framed. We have a selected answer guide and a selected track guide if you want to stick to the aesthetics of the film. Or you can move to Globle if you like to define countries. We have a Global Answers Guide if you need help in some of these really complicated countries.

There are many new Wordle games on the block now and we always cover the best! Keep your eyes open. Now continue reading to find Moviedle’s answers later.

Moviedle Response – April 17, 2022

Today’s answer to Moviedle is Saltar. Did you get it? Were you on the tip of your tongue? Do not worry, if it does not happen, there is always a morning!

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April 13, 2022

How to play Moviedle?

To play Moviedle, go to the website and click the play button in the middle. Then a second of the video is played. If you do not tell him that in the first second, then jump pulses. Then press the play button again. Keep jumping until you get the meter, or leave no guesses. You get six ideas in total, so use them wisely.

Can I play Moviedle puzzles before?

At the moment it does not seem possible. The game has only been around since April 9, 2022, so it’s very new. There is still no file. The game is updated every day at 12:00 local time if you want to wait until the time to play. Without restrictions, it is possible to play previous days by adjusting the calendar on any device that you play on, and then accessing the game that way.

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