Most video game developers aren’t interested in NFTs or cryptocurrencies

Majority of video game developers aren’t interested in NFTs or cryptocurrencies, they say el último studio State of the video game industry produced by the GDC.

Despite the great rejection from the gaming community, some big companies like Square Enix, Ubisoft or Sega have shown interest in these technologies. No es el caso, sin embargo, de los desarrolladores a título individual.

Indeed, according to this study, 70% of developers surveyed indicated that they were not interested in NFTs. In the case of cryptocurrency, the percentage is even higher, with 72% of respondents saying they are not interested as a means of payment.

Additionally, the vast majority of survey participants also criticized the potential for these technologies to be used for scams, their huge environmental impact, and monetization issues.

“I think it’s a technology still finding its purpose,” said one. “A la gente le interesará como apuesta para ganar dinero, pero no hay suficiente demande por parte del public para que se una moneda real”.

Another was much more critical, stating that “we should have put in place a collective agreement to ban the use of blockchain technologies in our industry for its enormous negative impact in environmental terms”.

A desarrollador apuntaba, respecto a esto ultimo, that “preferiría no apoyar que se queme un bosque para confirmar que alguien ‘posee’ un jpeg”.

In el informs of the GDC also addresses other topical issues, with interesting results.

For example, when it comes to accessibility, it’s said to be a rising theme, and for the first time since the survey was done, there are more developers implementing options accessibility than developers who don’t.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, 70% of respondents believe that initiatives to improve inclusion and diversity in their studies have been at least moderately successful. However, there is a long way to go since 24% declare that in their study no measure has been taken to improve this aspect.

Regarding complaints of toxic behavior at work, 38% indicated that their company had taken measures to correct the situation. And, finally, on the idea of ​​unionization, almost 25% of those questioned were in favor of it.

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