More PlayStation acquisitions are not yet on the way, according to CEO Jim Ryan

It looks like there will be more PlayStation acquisitions now that CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that the Sony game brand plans to buy more game studios soon. This is after PlayStation acquired Bungie, the original developers of Halo and the current developers of Destiny, and Haven Studios, based in Canada. It will be exciting to see what happens next.

During his appearance on the PlayStation Podcast, Ryan explained why there are more PlayStation acquisitions, confirming that this is how the brand will grow. Here is a quote from the podcast (via VGC):

“We are a very good place with PlayStation Studios, and we have been for the last few years. The success of the critique and the commercial success of the games that he claims to create, and it has given us permission to invest heavily in content creation ”.

“We make our studies grow organically, and we grow through acquisitions. We acquired five studies during the 2021 transition, we are in talks with Bungie, and we have several plans. This puts us in a good circle where success becomes success ”.

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More PlayStation acquisitions are not yet on the way, according to CEO Jim Ryan

PlayStation has been an important part of the conversation about games, especially since the new version of PS Plus has been configured as a way to counteract the Xbox Game Pass. The more exclusive games will be a way to attract customers, so they will soon generate more PlayStation acquisitions.

It is not yet known which game studio is planning to buy PlayStation and Sony. Stay tuned as we cover more news about PlayStation and the new PS Plus features.

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