MORDHAU – Guide to the best refractive skills

Are you a new Mordhau player, or do you want to know how to become an advanced player? This guide is suitable for you. Here I will describe to you my personal experience, how to get started and what I would recommend doing to make you a good player.

Guide to improving combat skills

First step

Play the tutorial for the first time. everyone says it because it is very important to learn all the movements of the game and set up the best keyboard combination. So you will learn the first important things about the game. Many players start the game without that tutorial, so they lose a lot of time when they do not know how the game’s mechanics work.

So it will take you a big step forward.

Play duel before playing many multiplayer servers

There are various reasons why it is not the best option to avoid duel servers and why you should play duel.

First, it is the reason why it is very difficult to fight in a league of players without experience in the foot game.

The point of two is that you can not survive much time if you have not learned a good defense.

The third point is that after playing 10 matches, you will find players with the same playing strength that you have and so you can have your first positive winning experience that will keep you in a good mood. Another good thing is that you will learn with other players with the same playing power.

Point four is that you learn strategy and distances, so each duel requires certain tools because you can not expect to make as many lucky strikes as on multiplayer servers. Duel really shows the strength you are in a match with 1 against 1 man.

Point five: Date the time you need, no matter how good the others are, the most important thing is that you can improve your own skills. so do not be afraid to lose a lot, there are several professional players with many hours of play in this game.

Step Six: Analyze your paws and try to improve the starting points of your paw system. Remember that each fighter has their own fighting style and then you will learn to find strategies for each system.

Point seven: Be happy and win, but do not bother and loss, because it is also part of the game and you will learn many things from a losing game.

So, if you think you can handle more than 1 opponent, you can connect the Multiplay servers with a good set of initial skills. Of course, you can play them occasionally before you come back strong, but remember that there are also professional players and it will be difficult for you as a beginner. So I keep playing duel all the time. Beginners would be allowed to play more matches than professional players.

Tips for the first multiplay servers

Multiplayer servers are the most interesting and playable modes in the game.

To get off to a good start, I can recommend you look for servers with many players that have the same level as you, so that the game is more balanced and you can make your first experience.

If you play services with professional players, it also has its own fascination, but remember to keep your goals low and do not expect to be leading in scoring statistics, it could be enough to be in the middle of the list.

But the most important thing is to have fun. So if you are happy, no matter how good you say, you will automatically improve your skills during the game.

Do not always play with full armor

Many players think that complete armor would be the best option, but forget that armor also slows the character in his ability to block.

A person with a little armor can not survive many blows and a shield may be enough, but you can also block 2 or 3 times faster, so you can survive longer if you are surrounded by many opponents, if you do not think you help to nothing when you can not avoid blows with side movements.

So learn to play with armor and with unarmed characters.

Another positive aspect of the low armor class is the fact that you are required to learn good defense tactics.

So the best for the former is the armored middle class.

Do not play in the arc all the time.

Many players like to play archery because they can avoid close archery, but then learn that a good archer must have more abilities than archery at a distance, especially if you are on the attacker’s side, always help your teammates in front.

So the combination is important.

Therefore, beginners must first learn to play a close wrestling class and then use the bow, because they must first learn the basic concepts. That’s because you need to know what a melee movement can be like.

The archery class is harder to play than people think.

Play different weapons

To be honest, each player has their favorite weapon, so professional players often play with a particular weapon.

But if you want to improve, and if you want the ability to read every weapon movement, you have to learn to play every weapon.

So you have these benefits:

  • Learn each fortification and starting point for a particular weapon and learn the strategy behind it.
  • Then you will find your true favorite weapon and you can make your personal strategy.
  • Your fighting style is hard to learn, you can play with all the weapons.

learn to play

It’s simple, but it’s the main reason for achieving advanced player status.

Just play the game and over time your experience will grow.

So do not laugh at me, keep playing. Then he will do better every time.

There are always players who are better than others, but I think everyone can reach the level of a good average player if you just train. The rest is talent, suppose.

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