Monster Hunter Rise Surpasses Resident Evil Village Sales

Monster Hunter Rise has already surpassed Resident Evil Village sales.

Capcom released its sales report for the first quarter of 2021 (through December 31) and announced the exact sales figures for each game.

Resident Evil Village has sold 5.7 million units across various platforms, and Monster Hunter Rise has sold 7.7 million on Switch alone. Currently, sales of the PC port are unknown.

Both games, that is, take pride of place on Capcom’s list of best-selling games in history: Resident Evil Village is in tenth place, and Monster Hunter Rise in seventh.

The best-selling game in Capcom’s history is Monster Hunter World, selling 17.8 million units on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

In second place is Resident Evil 7, with 10.6 million, and the Resident Evil 2 remake, with 9.3 million.

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