Modern Warfare 2 Pre-Order Guide: editions, bonuses and more

Following the confirmation of the launch date of Modern Warfare 2, expectations are growing in return for the upcoming launch of Infinity Ward. Although the one-minute trailer shows the game’s official artwork along with the confirmation of some of the characters shown, the information that will go to Advanced Order of Modern Warfare 2 occurs through fugas.

Thanks to a now-eliminated code that can be found in Vanguard, information about the different versions of the game has emerged to the great enthusiasm of the players seeking to keep the game in their hands.

As with every Call of Duty launch, players will have the option to purchase three editions with a range of pre-ordered bonuses that can be used when the game launches. When you say this, you will find everything there is to know about the Modern Warfare 2 Reserve in our center that contains the latest information.

Modern Warfare 2 editions

According to the code, Modern Warfare 2 will have a standard edition, a cross-generation package and the Vault edition. As with all filters, take the information with pins, but considering that it appeared in the code for the game Vanguard, there is a high probability that the information is accurate. Here you have all the information for each edition of Modern Warfare 2.

Standard Edition of Modern Warfare 2

  • Copy of Modern Warfare 2
  • Early access to the open beta
  • Access to other items (TBA)
  • Full tank! Get a 10% discount on Rogue energy drinks with the code ‘GFIN’

Modern Warfare 2’s cross-generation package

  • Copy of Modern Warfare 2 (PS4 / PS5 or Xbox One / Series X | S)
  • Open beta access (first on PlayStation)
  • Other Articles (TBA)

Modern Warfare 2 Bóveda Edition

This particular edition of Modern Warfare 2 will be the best, with a large amount of content on offer for those willing to waste their money. This must include:

  • Copy of Modern Warfare 2
  • Early access to the open beta
  • Season 1 match and jump with 50 levels
  • Red Team Operator Pack: Masks for Ghost, Soap, Price and Farah Operators
  • FJX ceniza weapon pistol
  • 10 hours double XP and double weapon XP
  • Ghost Legacy Pack: 10 weapon plans and 12 operator masks

Price of Modern Warfare 2

Although the price of Modern Warfare 2 has not yet appeared, we can in action determine the launch of Vanguard and its editions. These are the possible price points for each of the three editions:

  • Standard Edition: £ 59.99
  • Cross-Generation Package: £ 64.99
  • Bóveda Edition: £ 89.99

That’s all we know about the advanced orders of Modern Warfare 2! Once we have found more information, we will update the article with the latest information. Until then, check out our dedicated page for the latest news, filters and guides.

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