Minh Le, mainly in charge of Counter Strike, is one of Pearl Abyss

Minh Le, better known as Goose man, is one of the lines in Pearl Abyss, the study behind the popular MMORPG Black Desert.

Pearl abyss

Minh «Goosebumps » He is a Canadian video game programmer who is largely responsible Counter attack there will be light in 1999. He was the creator of much of the programming and modeling. It started as a simple modification to Half life, improved and became convinced of the heart and soul of the game. The change has become as popular as Valve Corporation, the developers of Half lifebought the rights to Counter attack and contracted with the creators to continue his work on the game.

Counter attack will go through the story as one of the basic eSports games, has now been one of the first first-person multiplayer shooters to promote the game on the team. Gooseman has also been involved in other projects such as Tactical intervention y Rust.

“I am very excited to be part of a company with so much talent. I was very impressed with the graphics in Black Desert Online when we were there and never traveled to surprise myself, ”said Minh Le when asked how it felt to unite on Pearl Abyss. “I think being able to work in a company so established with so many resources will allow me to explore more ideas about gaming in the future. I am currently working on a new project and I have hoped to be able to share my 20 years of game development experience and many of the things I learned in the project.I honestly, I’m very excited about what the future holds, and I’m grateful for the opportunity that Daeil Kim (President of Pearl Abyss) gave me. I have a lot of money to give the company the best of me ”.

“We are fascinated that Minh Le is one of our new projects. We believe you have a lot of experience and skills to contribute to the company,” said Kyung In Jung, CEO of Pearl Abyss. “Pearl Abyss will continue by actively recruiting talented developers from around the world. “

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