Mike Frazzini is the problem with Amazon Game Studios, according to Bloomberg

Since Bloomberg he has not cut a hair to confirm it Amazon Game Studios have many problems and most of them turn around Mike Frazzini, a name that many will not sound like, but which has a significant weight in the company as head of Amazon’s gaming division. To put it in a little context, Amazon invested more than $ 500 million in Amazon Game Studios this year and so far has not been able to launch a successful game.

Bloomberg names Mike Frazzini Turkish leader

If not, Amazon Game Studios started with 3 projects; New World, Crucible and Breakaway, 2 of which have already been canceled and New World has been delayed in reinventing it and thus does not follow the steps in the rest of the projects.

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Mike Frazzini
Mike Frazzini

Many ask if it is possible that Amazon Game Studios with so much money has not achieved anything. Since Bloomberg has presented us with a Turkish head.

Number of employees in Jeff Bezos’ company, they say Frazzini wants each Amazon game to be a $ 1,000 million franchise, a number reserved for large IPs, and that in the form of “metas” is not bad, but things do not stop because of tejado. In addition, the directive wants to start everything off high without being dependent on anyone, and that it should create its own development tools in place to use industry standards such as Unreal Engine and Unity. One of these tools is called Timbera graphics engine based on CryEngine and attached Amazon Web Services which seems to be the reason for many of the headbands of artists and designers.

Lumberyard is slow and has incomprehensible commands

All Amazon games had to be developed with Lumberyard, but interviewees say that its system is extremely slow and requires “incomprehensible” commands. The thing is, the designers have commented that they would kill time playing or live series while waiting for Lumberyard to compile the code.

Amazon Lumberyard adds over 200 new features

Other statements from employees suggest this Mike Frazzini does not have the necessary experience to run a video game department. To respond to these agreements, meetings were used as an example to review projects, some of which went on to demand that new industry trends simply be followed. Also implemented a corporate culture that does not interfere with the development of video games, included promotes inequality between women and menthat does not offer the same options for both.


It is complicated to say that Frazzini is the cause of Amazon Game Studios’ current offense, but all fingers will be pointed at him and the poor results will refute the accusations. Do you want to keep your hair up with what is coming, or do you want to keep crying as it is now? Let’s wait and see what happens to it New worldwhich passes with MMO by El Señor de los Anillos and it’s in the hands of John Smedley, one of the creators of EverQuest.

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