Microsoft’s video game division will set revenue records in 2021

Microsoft has announced to investors and market analysts that its video game division posted a new revenue record in 2021.

According to data shared by the Redmond company, revenues increased last year by 17.7% compared to 2020, thanks in particular to the sale of content and services. According to the report, revenues from the sale of content and services increased by 8.8%, while consoles grew by 63.3% compared to the previous year, thanks to the arrival of the next generation. consoles.

In total, the company earned $16,280 million in 2021. Revenue from hardware sales was $3,700 million, while services and content soared to $12,600 million, making Game Pass a good chunk of it with twenty-five million registered users.

As far as hardware is concerned, it is calculated – it may not be an official date – that sales of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have already reached twelve million units worldwide since its launch in November 2020. See the focus to ensure that Series S sales performed even better than expected, while Series X sales were more affected by supply chain failures and stockouts.

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