Microsoft will update the Xbox Series X/S system to allow burning two games in Quick Resume

Microsoft will update the Xbox Series X/S system to allow users to play up to two games with Quick Resume.

This upgrade, which is actually already available to Alpha Insiders, will give you a little more control over one of the flagship features of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, which have been picking up steam since launch.

Quick Resume allows you to have multiple games waiting, so that when you return to one of them, the load itself is instantaneous and at the exact point where we leave it. It wasn’t initially stated which games remained in Quick Resume, but in recent months Microsoft has changed the interface to make this clear.

The next step is to provide more control, whereby so far this list of games in Quick Resume, which is complete and depends on the memory available on the console, rotates according to the games we are using, but we couldn’t decide and fijar algunos.

As Eden Marie, head of engineering at Xbox explains, the update will be available from February 11 for users of the Xbox Insider program for rama Alpha will include up to two titles on the Quick Resume list, which will not be included. in this rotation and will still be suspended unless we manually close them or an update is installed for them.

There’s still no date for this feature to roll out to all users, although it’s expected to be included in some of the firmware updates planned for the coming months, if any. there were no problems during its tests on the rama Alpha.

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