Microsoft will remove the option to share directly to Twitter from Xbox consoles

UPDATE (03/31/2022): Microsoft has taken a step back from its decision to remove the Twitter sharing feature from the Xbox Dashboard, reclaiming that feature in the final Insider Channel beta.

Brad Rosetti, Xbox’s Insider Program Manager, said the reason for the change in plan was user questions. On Twitter I wrote “thank you for your feedback on the Twitter sharing feature change we are introducing in version 2204. This change has been repeated from today on the previous behavior with the new version” . It’s unclear, that is, what prompted the idea of ​​eliminating this option in the first place.

Original news (03/21/2022): Microsoft has removed the option for Xbox to share video clips directly from the console menu.

In the final beta distributed through the Insider channel, the option has already disappeared from the dashboard, and to share content you must first transfer the clips to the mobile app, from there you can send to the social network of our election (apart from Twitter, there are also Facebook and Instagram, or messaging programs like WhatsApp).

Why Microsoft decided to remove this option from the console menu is unclear, although in Windows Central speculates with the possibility that this is an option that users do not use too much or includes the high tariffs that Twitter imposes on companies through the use of its API.

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