Microsoft could launch a familiar plan for Xbox Game Pass this year

Yesterday they began dispelling rumors that Microsoft is preparing to launch a familiar plan for its Xbox Game Pass service, which will allow up to five users to access the service using the same subscription.

It therefore ensures Jez Corden of Windows Centralwhich he calls “sources familiar with Xbox’s efforts”, and explains that the plan will take some time to develop and that Microsoft will finalize details regarding the distribution of compensation to third-party developers and licensors.

In principle, Microsoft would have developed this “soon” family plan. And, of course, this information would allow up to five users from the same country to share an account, with a cost “much less” than that of five individual subscriptions.

Windows Central says this new subscription will use the existing system of Microsoft family accounts, like the one using Office 365, where the subscription contracts a central user who then adds the rest of the users.

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