Microsoft considering energy-saving game modes for Xbox and Windows PC! Questionnaire about “Function to automatically reduce graphics and power consumption”

Microsoft is exploring energy-saving graphics modes for Xbox and Windows games


According to the article

Microsoft Is Considering Allowing Gamers To Reduce Game Performance To Save Energy

・According to Microsoft-related news site Windows CentralA new survey in the Xbox Insider app for PC asks players about their energy efficiency

The survey details the potential new features they are considering for games on Xbox consoles and PCs, noting that they would choose to reduce framerates, resolutions, etc. in order to limit energy consumption. ing

“In general, how do you feel about having in-game features that, when turned on, allow you to optimize settings and save energy?”

“Adjusting game settings could be resolution, frame rate, visual effects, GPU, etc.”

“In general, what do you think about individual games automatically lowering their framerate or resolution (to save energy) when the game is idle or inactive?”

They also asked if they were worried that turning on the energy saving feature would negatively impact their gameplay.

Of course, such research doesn’t always translate into the final product, but Microsoft has committed to zero carbon use and is increasing its investment in this area.

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