Microsoft and L3Tcraft are hosting the fourth national edition of Minecraft: Education Edition

Microsoft y L3TcraftGlobal Training Partner certified in Minecraft: Education Editionhas announced the opening of the register for the fourth edition of “Minecraft Education Edition School Games of 2022 (# JEME2022), which this year counts, in addition to the participation of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

This is a program developed using educational version of the popular game Minecraft and active methods such as game-based learning. Its main purpose is to promote the development of competencies, such as creativity, critical thinking or teamwork, thanks to the various activities and challenges that students will face in order to succeed in the college classification.

The initiative will guide students between the ages of eight and fourteen, from primary 3 to 2 in ESO, and teachers who will be able to discover and apply all the potential of the educational version of Minecraft for their use in the classroom.

The classification phase now starts until the end of May. The program will keep the registration open until April 15, 2022, the date on which the list of centers to participate closes. School centers that are open, you can consult Official site by Minecraft Education Edition School Games and sign up through registration form.


Repeat the legacy of humanity in a Minecraft world

Last year, more than 60 training centers and more than 1,200 students participated in the Games. This 4th edition, which follows online, brings some news regarding the previous ones. For example, for the first time, teachers held a poll to determine the final theme of the games. In addition, this year is expected to compete with more GTPs that can push the Games in their regions to reach the maximum number of teachers and students possible.

The Games, which now has their graduation gun, lasts 4 months until the end of the school year. For the classification network, each class must replicate in a Minecraft world some of the Heritage of Humanity distributed around the world.

The event for the national final, which is broadcast live, marks the grand finale of the competition in June, where there will be more surprises and big prizes for the best students in the competition.

Alliance with the University of Francisco de Vitoria (UFV)

Microsoft España and L3TCraft Educación count this year with the collaboration from Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in the development of the final network.

During the 2021-2022 course, Microsoft collaborated with UFV on the exercises for the university’s video game degree.

A total of eight students of this class, divided into two groups, accompanied by two graduate students from the same university, have collaborated to create two graphic adventures with Minecraft in its educational version related to sustainability and ODS, to achieve the content of 5. and 6 class in primary school.

This is the fourth year that UFV has entered into a partnership with Microsoft to offer internships to its students. During the course 2021-2022, he created the following worlds in Minecraft with associated didactic units, which can be downloaded:

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