Metro Exodus sells more than twice as much in the Epic Store as Metro Last Light on Steam

Deep silver y Epic games it was announced at GDC 2019 that the launch of Metro Exodus in the Epic Store has been a total success, having already surpassed the devices that Metro Last Light sold on Steam during its launch in 2013. In fact, Metro sold Exodus 2.5 times better than Metro Last Lys.

In other words, even though some players claim to boycott this launch, they seem to agree to share only its fruits. Supposedly not given the sales figures Metro Exodus has on Steam and tampoco, what was actually sold in the store by Epic, without embargo, it is good to know that for the editor, what he did well on the PC platform.

Metro Exodus

From my point of view, the comparison is a bit absurd, simply because it has been around long and hard in the video game world since 2013, but if they are worth it as a billboard, then ok.

Let’s not forget that there was a lot of controversy surrounding the launch of Metro Exodus in the Epic Store, and that means more publicity, whether it’s good or bad, but publicity at the end and as soon as it’s translated.

The Epic Games Store needs to be improved in many respects, but it’s worth noting that it’s waging war against Steam, saying what many say “turned around” with unfair competition. The brand continues to sign more and more exclusivity agreements and looks set to end.

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