Metro Exodus broke in 5 days with Denuvo 5.6

Metro Exodus has hit the market with Denuvo’s anti-tamper protection technology. 4A Games has used the new Denuvo 5.6 version, but the Crackers have managed to break it in just five days.

I celebrate the day of the launch with Metro Exodus

Let’s remember that Irdeto, one of the world’s leading companies in digital platform security, has joined Denuvo in January 2018 with the intention of improving the technology and “offering a temporary protection that is difficult to avoid”, to ensure first-day sales.

The protection has lasted for 5 days, so it is assumed that it has already been amortized to protect the title on the day of its launch. We understand that Deep Silver will eliminate Denuvo in a recent update with the conclusion of providing a better experience to all its legitimate customers.

It will be interesting to see if the crack affects sales of the game and if players choose the pirated version to fully show Deep Silver its despair with the Metro Exodus exclusivity in the Epic store.

Since MMOinGame does not offer or promote the consumption of pirated games. Remember that it costs to make the games and you have to pay for them in its fairness.

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