Metro 2033: how to solve the problem of being stuck in the middle of the environment

This guide solves the problem of getting stuck around Metro 2033.

Guide for adjustment

The error in “quedarse atascado”

There are some areas where this error occurs. For example, the secret locker room in Dead City, where you jump up and down an elevator, but once inside the room, you can not get out because you are “hanging out” on the road.

Switching weapons while moving several times did the work of lowering through the elevator shaft.

But there is also a case in the library / repository where it is impossible to move on if you have this problem.

So if nothing works anymore, this is what I have solved.

The solution

Do this with the nvidia control panel. I imagine there are similar options on amd cards as well. I’m on Windows 10, but it probably works the same way in earlier versions as well.

Go to its search bar, type: “nvidia control panel” and open the application.

  1. Go to Manage 3D Configuration
  2. Select the program configuration
  3. Metro 2033 selection (metro2033.exe)
  4. Scroll down to Max Frame Rate and select On
  5. Establish value at 30 FPS

Click Accept and apply the configuration. You can leave the control panel open to resume this action later.

Start the game, load the last checkpoint. Now I should be able to cross the agujero on the wall.

Continue playing until the game is new (symbol on CD in the lower part is left). Start the game, start the maximum speed for photos and use the original configuration. If you find yourself in similar situations and the movement does not work, repeat these steps.

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