Mercenaries receive new update to celebrate 17 million players

World of Tanks: Mercenaries celebrate that he has reached the figure as 17 million registered players with the launch of a new major update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox, which will be available worldwide from August 28th. La update 4.6 added new content, which includes from the perspective of playing with artillery vehicles to mercenaries’ vehicles, crews and maps, as well as other improvements in response to the most popular petitions in the community.

Park News 4.6 for World of Tanks: Mercenaries

New camera

Artillery view. Available in conjunction with the current artillery mode, which allows you to see the map from the top, this new view places the camera at floor level and lets it rotate to follow the trajectory of the projectile, with it holding the tank as its central axis.

Life indicators for enemy and allied vehicles

Once activated, this feature will give you an indication of your own team’s status and the amount of lives you still need to reach your opponents to deal with them.

Mercenary technological facility

These are new and powerful vehicles, which are captains of mercenaries, available for free and complete “contracted” missions. The 4.6 update expands the list of mercenaries and adds more vehicles available immediately.

  • Threshing machine: a light tank well equipped with an aggressive weapon. The Dark Fox pilot, a New Zealander who served under British rule during World War II before becoming a mercenary and seeking revenge against the Eje forces.
  • Long range: a heavy tank that embraces the best of British, German and Soviet technology. It is the captain of Brutal Beast, an old Swiss spy who plunders Europe and frees its cities and inhabitants from German oppression.
  • Sniper: this medium tank is a mechanical combination of the Eje tanks and the aliados. This makes it an agile tank with a reliable shooting ability. It is under the command of the Red Sentinel, an Italian soldier who joined the cause of the heat while defending his position in front of waves of Allied soldiers in a small population of Tunisia.

Now you will also be able to access new level X vehicles in the Chinese and British technology industries.

Two new cards

  • Caen – 1944 is inspired by the real city of northern France that was liberated from the German yoke during the Normandy landing. Originally, Caen was the scene of the last epic of the Operation León Marino campaign in the style of Histories of War, in which players faced a German anaphibian invasion of Britain. With rolling hills, a large central beach and a wide beach stretching to the east, this short promises spectacular battles.
  • Río Perla. This map shows an idyllic valley bathed in the light gold of the sun, but with a rugged terrain perfect for swings and flanking maneuvers. Reach the length of the river that crosses the map to launch a frontal attack against enemy forces!

Photo gallery

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About World of Tanks: Mercenaries

World of Tanks: Mercenaries is a social game where teamwork and coordinated action are the keys to victory. To improve the quality of matches, it is now easier and simpler to create teams with your friends in folds of up to five. Players can only select tanks at the same level as their division leader, and only one artillery vehicle per. sharing is allowed. With the new ‘Pelotones Duraderos’, your friends and other players, along with those who have recently fought a battle, will be able to easily reconcile your games or other people’s games from player profiles.

Update 4.6 for World of Tanks: Mercenaries is available from today 28 August from 14.00 Spanish time.

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