Medieval II for mobile devices?

For strategy fans looking for fun while on the go, here’s some good news. This has been announced by Feral Interactive and Creative Assembly Total War: Medieval II will hit mobile devices as much as iOS as well as Android on April 7th.

This will bring the combination of massive battles in real time and turn-based strategy to your smart device and will play the distinctive gameplay associated with the Total War series. Total War: Medieval II developed on three different continents during the Middle Ages, where conflicts and aircraft were a cotidian affair. Show your power through conquest or deficit, and be able to become the sole ruler of them all.

These are some of the key features that will bring Total War: Medieval II to mobile devices:

  • 17 judicial ways to build the world’s greatest potentials using government art, magic and total war.
  • Big battles in real time with infantry, archers and cavalry; all with a full range of authentic medieval weapons.
  • Leading more sophisticated events, additional agents to address state issues, and more sophisticated campaign techniques to create alliances or destabilize rivals.
  • A campaign map that spans Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and including the coasts of the New World – through four centuries of competition, struggle and conquest.
  • A new intuitive user interface and sophisticated tactical controls to control the battlefield with your fingertips.

If you are interested in enjoying Total War: Medieval II on mobile devices, it will cost $ 14.99. The game can now be pre-ordered on iOS, while Android players can register their interest through the Google Play Store.

You can see the trailer for the ad as follows:

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