Mavlove’s original author “Although the animation of Chainsaw Man is controversial, this second season is in a state where there is only ‘praise’. Viewers praise every episode as a god”

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creator of Muv-Luv

・Existing users bought and supported the 1st season of the anime Alter. API (Avex Pictures) made a lot of money, but old products were bought and supported by existing fans

– It can’t be helped, but the contents of the first term were almost a digest. I think a lot of people left there.

You can see it from the coexistence of this event20% less. This definitely stands apart from what the first season did.

I was looking forward to watching it because it was an anime adaptation of Muv-Luv, but I think there were people who thought, “This is it…” and “I don’t have to watch it.”

・But isn’t the current 2nd season amazing? But some people don’t come back in the first term.
People who have seen season 2 cry every time and say that they are going around the gods.
Although the animation of Chainsaw Man is controversial, this 2nd term has only “advantage”.

(The story about winter comic goods is omitted.) I’m not involved in anime, so I don’t know about the future, but I think the 2nd season is so good that I’m crying from episode 13 so far.

・That’s why I think the 2nd season will be exciting after all of it is over.
I expect that people who left after the first season will come back and think, “Huh? Was it that much fun?”

The 2nd season has just started but it’s too frank

When the 1st season aired, I was pretty confident, but I’ve admitted that the 1st season was a little weird.

Muv-Lub has already become a content supported only by people who like it.

Don’t you think that it’s normal to have pros and cons and that it’s an abnormal situation to be biased towards one or the other?
Sometimes it’s not just about the work, but I usually doubt that

Chainsaw Man is doing his best and is just being said to be extravagant.
You did a great job.

Please remember it well lol Many people watched the first season of Muv-Luv. Did you get a lot of criticism? Because the number of views was different and the expectations were high. But is it popular in the second term? It’s obvious. They’re the people who overcame the tough first season and are still watching the second season. Even if the content of the 2nd season is good, it’s the impression of those people.

As for Chainsaw Man, it is natural that anti-opinions come out as much as the number of viewers is large, and anti-opinions stand out.
Why did you bring Chainsaw Man? Is it disgust or do you intend to win…

Chainsaw Man was quite enthusiastic about the PV before the anime started.
There must have been a lot of people who came in with extremely high expectations.
Yaruo PC sweat hmm hand on chin

There is only “praise” for it, which means that there are only complete believers left…
Husband who does white eyes, husband who doesn't do it, seals his mouth


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