Manticore Games is offering $ 120,000 in prizes with competition for Core Invitational developers

Manticore gamesthe creators of the platform Nuclear that allows you to create and play games, calls all developers, creators and modders of independent games, so they are ready to take one of the 50 available seats for the first time Core Invitationala development contest with $ 120,000 USD in prizes.

Once accepted, creators will run from March 4 to April 5 to create their original Core gaming experience. All creators accepted to the Core Invitational (excluding special and category prize winners) will receive $ 1000 USD for the presentation of a valid entry to support their game development career.

Experienced game developers and developers are invited to present. Regardless of what your experience comes from working in Roblox, Fortnite Creative, Unity, Unreal on other platforms or game creation tools, Core Simplicity simplifies the transition to the platform while allowing talented creators to program their games using the LUA programming language or create their own scenes and resources. Core online stores are available, and the support of experienced game developers makes it easier for developers to start working and creating truly innovative games.

Categories and prizes available:

  • Absolute winner: $ 50,000
  • Best Simulation Game: $ 5,000
  • Best Shooting Game: $ 5,000
  • Best social experience: $ 5000
  • Best remaster: $ 5,000

Additional special prizes:

  • Best trailer / machine: $ 3000
  • Best aesthetic except: $ 2500
  • Best Innovation: $ 2500

Creators can apply for a Core Invitational Room from today until February 28 via this official website.

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