Manga artist such as “Drifters”, Mr. Kota Hirano, it might be dangerous…

“Drifters” cartoonist Kota Hirano reveals hospitalization “If you eat rice, you will groan for about 12 hours”-Entertainment: Nikkan Sports

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A famous cartoonist such as “HELLSING” and “Drifters”Kouta Hirano

hospitalizedI found out. There are voices of concern about the medical condition revealed on Twitter.

On November 20th, on his Twitter, “Stomach pain lasts for about 3 days and it takes about 12 hours after eating.

I end up groaning, so I can’t eat anything and only drink hot water‘ posted.

On November 22, “Operation ended while i was sleeping” and released a photo of the bed.

“It seems that the gallstones were obstructing the bile duct, and after seeing it through the endoscope, I had to undergo endoscopic surgery.

It seems like he did it, and it ended while he was sleeping.”

In addition, on November 27, “Pancreatitis concomitant.Yesterday, I struggled all night with severe more time today

Endoscopic surgery. Pancreatitis may recur with each endoscopic surgery. I’m worried,” he tweeted.

He reported that he was still in pain after the surgery.

Read full text below

Seriously, the continuation is hopeless

I wonder if I took such an unhealthy lifestyle

Cartoonists have too much internal pain
I’m working hard and my eating habits are bad
I haven’t drawn Hirano that much.

oh how hard
I wish I could get better so that I can draw the continuation of the manga

I don’t think Hirako is exercising

If I work this much, I’ll break my body

You only write 5-6 episodes a year, do you get sick?
I’m writing late
Well, it’s really sick, so it’s better than Togashi

It’s hard work while I’m serious about serialization, but when I’m slacking off, it seems like it’s unhealthy

Hirako… Seriously, you’re worrying too much… Are you okay with that body…
Get well soon…and write the sequel to Drifters…

I’ve been hearing a lot about manga artists’ obituaries lately, and I’m really worried…

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