Manga artist: “If AI is left alone, Shueisha will be in big trouble. To protect Japan’s manga culture, we should encourage countries to impose regulations! Professor Ken Akamatsu is here!”

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Even if it is regulated in Japan, it can not be helped grass

Is AI related to manga artists?Manga sells well because it has pictures and stories.

A painter borrowing the authority of a cartoonist
Manga will not perish with AI

When I see this kind of thing, I really feel like I’m just a person who draws, and I don’t like it
Even though there are a lot of people who don’t have that kind of thing

Even if Hiromitsu Takeda-like paintings can be refined, Hiromitsu Takeda’s paintings, scenarios, and productions are only born from Hiromitsu Takeda himself after all.

There’s no way Akamatsu would do anything
Freedom of expression fighters protect only freedom of expression

What is the tsuikasu painter saying

Grass with AI Proletarian Walla Walla

It doesn’t make sense to regulate it in Japanese hahawww

The guy who sells copyrighted pictures without permission barks a lot.

In this way, “technology that does not spread and develop only in Japan” was born
I’m going to be left behind by the world

Manga artist “Why are people who earn money by drawing people’s characters on their own and are frustrated by imitating the pattern (confused)”

Akamatsu supporters are idiots after all
This is a world-class thing, so if you do something like that here, you will fall behind in technology in the future and become a war criminal that will lead to the decline of the otaku industry.

Also, will Japan be left behind due to technological innovation overseas? wwww

Overseas “regulated in Japan? w huh w”

what? Do you want AI to be an underdeveloped country, leaving Japan alone?

Akamatsu is against regulation and is in a position to protect freedom of expression, but I don’t think he will go out of his way to regulate

A guy who imitates popular patterns and draws pictures that look like something he’s seen somewhere can’t compete with AI.

do something about yourself

The guy who seems to be the first to eat up

Why are you going to crush AI instead of using it?
Mastering AI is miraculous

Rather, cartoonists are the type to survive without losing to AI.

It’s just small fry that are making a fuss

What is expression regulation?

Flow seen in shogi
Before I knew it, I was able to coexist with AI.

Rather, publishers can help.

The modern Luddite movement
In fact, if you insist that you don’t use AI for the pictures you’ve already made, you can get away with it.
I wonder if the only way to crack down is to make it impossible to connect to the site itself
Even in that case, it is impossible to crack down on the one that is running locally

Let the guy who ran for freedom of expression regulate it

I thought that pharmacists and clerical workers would be the first to be eliminated by AI, but I was surprised to find that the first victims came out of nowhere.

Well, it’s become clear that the idiots making a fuss about this are just untalented small fry earning coins from other people’s paintings.

I’d laugh if someone who was vociferously advocating freedom of expression said AI would be regulated lol

There’s no way the guy who drew AI can’t stop can’t stop AI

↑ Grass.surely

↑ Mysterious Boomerang

↑ good

Sure, it might be a problem, but what about regulations?
Shouldn’t we rather find a way to coexist?

Are you going to ask Ken Akamatsu to regulate the freedom of expression…

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