Manga artist Akiko Higashimura has been utterly taken in by a left-wing activist.

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Wow…Akiko Higashimura-sensei…Isoko Mochizuki is a reporter and IWJ…what a horrible technique to go.

I learn “Kuragehime” and “Mama wa Tempalist” for the primary time shortly immediately, and I assumed that Akiko Higashimura’s manga was fascinating.
Akiko-sensei, I assumed she was tweeting about manga and Kagacchan on Twitter, so I appeared it up and located that she solely tweeted left-wing political tweets, and I used to be so scared that I cried 😢 It’s a disgrace that manga is so humorous.

Chizuko Ueno, Kiyomi Tsujimoto, Isoko Mochizuki
The face hanging out is totally harmful…

Higashimura Akiko, are you that type of particular person?
For the time being, I do not need folks to be lumped collectively as “housewives”…

Akiko Higashimura typically attracts that she loves Korea, so I assumed it was Acira’s facet, however even this sort of exercise.

If you’re taking the mic at a spot like this, you’ve got gone to the purpose the place you may’t return. I’m sorry. Once you begin working, you may’t return.

It appears like I’ll be a commentator on terrestrial broadcasting as an influencer over there.

I assumed he was type of a harmful particular person, however I suppose he was the sort to get caught regardless that he is like this…
Manga is fascinating…

“Isoko Mochizuki’s videos are simple and easy to understand. Now is the time to stand up.”
I assumed it might be straightforward to be deceived by anti-vaccine conspiracy theories and cults just like the Family Federation.

I like Akiko Higashimura’s manga, however I’ve turn out to be a follower of Mochizuki-san…it is a pity. I’ve learn most of Higashimura’s best-selling works, however I’ll not learn the brand new collection. I’m hooked on conspiracy theories, so watch out. Take care.

Akiko Higashimura, Yukari Takinami, Yuka Mine, and different manga artists who used to promote themselves with the humor of dried fish ladies are all turning into radical.

The picture that individuals who promote ladies are simply following the route that tends to be

Akiko Higashimura, I’m positive you are considering, “Young folks do not perceive.” Young folks had been born in a society the place they get info from the web, in order that they know higher than you. It took us the Showa technology a while to undo the curse of left-wing schooling. What are you doing if you’re nonetheless previous and cursed?

Considering Akiko Higashimura’s crash, I can perceive the greatness of Yukari Ichijo, who did not fall into this sort of line.She’s nonetheless an awesome personification of snobby wishes

It’s a pity that celebrities who’re now not promoting are left-wing.

>Suddenly elevated water protection funds

It was a LDP pledge from 2021, however I’m wondering if I’ve been sleeping for about 2 years…
Akiko Higashimura Increased Defense Expenditure Image related to left-wing activists-02

To the actions of those that have tried to burn manga and anime
It’s unhappy {that a} cartoonist is complicit…
Akiko Higashimura Increase in Defense Expenditure Images related to left-wing activists-03

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