Manchester City launch third team in Roblox

Premier League teams have had some strange third-party kits over the years, often using colors and patterns that are unorthodox and would never be included in a standard home or away shirt.

Después de todo, cuando un kit solo se vera unas pocas veces a year o en los cuerpos de algunos fanaticáticos acerrimos, ¿por qué no perder la cabeza un poco mientras se le ocurre el concepto?

Now, sorry embargo, it seems Manchester City have taken this philosophy a step further than usual, presenting a request for prank club status as they organized the first unveiling of the world’s Roblox kit.

What happened to the beautiful game?

Revealed to the lucky players who pueblan both the Land of Games experience and the experience associated with the manufacturer PUMA, the new kit is apparently inspired by the street art of the city of Manchester.

Entonces, naturalmente, tuvo que ser revealedo not través de algunos street artistes, sino con un «eventto metaverso especial», que vera «una nueva piel del Manchester City del vestibulo y el estadio actuales en PUMA y la Tierra de los Juegos».

This important celebration will also feature a portal to the Blue Moon experience in Manchester City, which will be open for a limited time, allowing players to get a free item when they visit both experiences.

The set itself can be purchased by competing and winning the Football Rush mini-game, which will also be the site of a YouTube tournament as part of the event, where ten players will compete to win an effective prize of $10k / £8.2k for ser usado en el game.

Or simply buy the kit from the in-game PUMA merchandise store and experience dryCELL sweat absorption technology hands-on if your Roblox character has suddenly developed sweat glands.

So if you’re not a Manchester City fan, keep this in mind the next time you think your club has done something embarrassing, and be sure to follow us for more Roblox updates and code guides as new content is added to the game.

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