Magic: The Gathering introduces us to the world of its samurai cyberpunk expansion through a visual novel

The new Magic: The Gathering expansion, under the title Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, is fast approaching. It will be available at Magic Arena today – starting at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, at the rate of previous expansions – and will go on sale in physical form next February 18.

The universe – the “plane”, as it is called in the mythology of Magic – in which this new expansion is based is very particular: Kamigawa is a world inspired by Japanese mythology and folklore, and it gives its hand to various religions and sentiment-related rituals and other practices that make great worship a technological advancement. Due to its clunky environment, many players not necessarily familiar with Magic: The Gathering expressed interest in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty; and, for those curious about all that, Wizards of the Coast has released Kamigawa: A Visual Novel, a visual novel developed by study Yrs Truly.

The visual novel is available in multiple languages ​​- among them Spanish – but the story that matters doesn’t necessarily have to be seen with the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty that grew through the maps and the reports published on the official Magic page, yes it is a good look at the world in which these characters are remembered and introduces us to some key concepts of them. For example, we know several kami: the spirits who protect Kamigawa, and who on occasion, with this proposal, will interact with humans to offer them special powers.

Thanks to a simple structure, which combines text with different decisions, we will navigate the different situations that we plant. In the game, we embody a samurai of the Empire whose personality we build little by little over the options that we explore. While some decisions may seem out of place, all will shape how distinct characters relate to us and impact the story. The title has several paths – but I haven’t discovered them all – and each one is particularly focused on one person.

The visual novel seems, in all its glory, to focus on new fans: despite the fact that there are references to distinct events and characters within the Magic: The Gathering universe, such as the War of the Kami , the spiritual fusion or the Imperial Guard, its value lies, fundamentally, in the fact that it introduces us to many small concepts and familiarizes us with the different species and functions within its universe. In this sense, it may be a story too much parallel to the main trama for those who already know all this first hand; but it will be, in any case, a very appreciated experience for those who are curious to introduce themselves for the first time in this universe.

Kamigawa: A Visual Novel is available for free via for Windows and Mac.

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