Luna’s preliminary survey suggests that 90% of society is against Fork

A preliminary earth moon voice suggests that the Luna community is abruptly opposed to a Luna bifurcation.

Do Kwon’s Luna recovery plan offers a tough bifurcation that will create a new chain after the collapse of Luna’s cryptocurrencies. If I prefer the original proposal that was focused on UST, it seems that society is still against the Kwon plan.

Now that the focus is on the Earth’s drought, what does that mean for the future of the Earth’s ecosystem?

Terra Luna voice about hard bifurcation

In an unofficial survey at the Terra Research Forum, the preliminary vote for Revival Plan V2 revealed an immediate outcry from the Luna community that is not in line with a bifurcation.

Posted by user Morpheus9 to convey general emotions, 92% of the votes were against a split, with only 8% in favor after 6000 votes.

Comments on the survey reveal only some of the reasons for this vote. Already due to lack of faith in TerraForm Labs, Luna Burns preference or despair with the development plan, it seems that this part of the Luna community is against the plan.

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Of course, this immediate test is not disappointing, nor does it guarantee that a harsh bifurcation of Luna will not be produced. It is expected that a government referendum will be held on 18 May, in which Luna’s participants will take a position on the proposal for division into two.

The potential bifurcation will be a new chain division that reduces the Moon’s circulating supply to thousands. It would also leave the chain and the existing currency behind and call it Terra Classic and Luna Classic.

Since the collapse of the Moon, two solutions now dominate the discourse of restoration: bifurcation or quema. A community proposal to add an illegal transaction rate is live at Terra Station, but the venue has not been reached.

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