Lost Ark – Sal Giant Chief: where the boss, strategy and rewards appear

Giant of Sal is a leader who appears in one of the first areas of Lost Ark.

Be sure to research your location, as dropping bosses will net you some cool rewards. Although he is a level 19 boss, he is a tough opponent and he may not dare to fight alone.

On this page we will explain where Giant of Sal appearsfinally rewards for coming to the Giant of Sal and, of course, tips for coming to battle.

On this page you will find:

Giant of Sal – location and appearance in Lost Ark

Giant de Sal is a level 19 leader that spawns in the Colina de Saland, an area of ​​Judia.

Concretely, Giant de Sal spawns in the center of the Salinas de Aregal area. The nearest teletransport you will find is Camp Nómada.

The Salt Giant returns every 30 minutes. It is important to know that Lost Ark has several channels for each area, which in practice work as separate instances.

If you’re in the right place but Giant of Sal hasn’t appeared yet, you can go to another channel to see if it’s there. You’ll know Giant of Sal is nearby when a red mark appears on the ground that tells you where it is.

Salt Giant – strategy and how to beat the Salt Giant in Lost Ark

The fight is very simple, but you have to be careful of your position to avoid Giant de Sal’s attack. As happens in Lost Ark, the boss will not always attack the same character throughout the fight as his behavior has some random component.

From time to time this will change, so if you are not playing with a Tank type class and the boss is inside you, you will have to run around a bit until you change your objective.

For most of Sal’s Giant fight, you’ll be using basic attacks, such as punches or a semicircular move. The most dangerous is a circular attack that will charge up and have a large impact area.

Although this attack is telegraphed with a red circle and notice the boss raising its arms, it can be difficult to avoid if you’re not careful as it passes very quickly.

If you’re playing a melee-type class, you should watch your dash for this Giant of Sal attack.

The Lost Ark is here! We are working on guides to help you identify some important techniques such as the Power Pass or collectible Mokoko Seeds.

We also have several guides to find and reach endgames of the principle of the game like Rudric, the Giant of Sal or even Rovlen.

So that you don’t lose the secrets of the game, we will help you find the secret area of ​​Dalian forest and the secret area of ​​Rambután forest.

Giant of Sal – rewards and loot in Lost Ark

At the end of the fight, you will receive pieces of equipment of epic rarity and an epic costume.

You will be able to receive more equipment, maps, supplies, and maps for secret locations in this box. Undoubtedly, the loot box only appears the first time she mates with the Giant.

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