Lost Ark – Passage of Power: how to take a Pass and how to level up a character from another class to level 50 with Knowledge Transfer

El Lost Ark Power Pass is a system that has Smilegate integrated to allow you to experiment with other classes.

Lost Ark will allow you to play as your initial class for your entire time in Arkesia, but the Pass of Power will allow you to quickly level up and match your main character without paying anything, as long as you meet the requirements . .

No deposit, for a price you can buy one Knowledge transfer which allows you to do more or less the same thing.

On this page we will explain for what serves as a pass of power, how to perform a power pass and finally Differences between a pass of power and a transfer of knowledge (in practice the same thing, but it takes more time and effort).

On this page you will find:

What is the Lost Ark Power Pass for?

The Lost Ark Power Pass allows you to convert an alternate character that starts at zero into a level 50 character, which will be your main character’s level after completing Berna’s content and unlocking the end of Gameno need to complete missions.

After that, you’ll need to go to the Adventurer’s Sendero, where Beatrice will tell you the story of the main game and explain how your class works. You will receive a set of team levels in Bern (level 302) and you can distribute your ability points according to your preferences.

Although the main story ends automatically, you will continue to have access to all side missions.

How to Get a Power Pass in Lost Ark

You will automatically get a power pass when you complete the last story of the main campaign: Ealyn’s Gift. The game will send to your Entry Tray 8 (the envelope icon at the top left of the interface, next to the clock) alongside a brief explanation of what it is and how to enter it. ‘utilize.

Go to the main menu, select the person you want to upgrade and select the “Power Pass” option to start the process.

After using this first Power Pass, you will receive another one to use with a second person. Currently, there are no more Power Passes in Lost Ark and it doesn’t look like Smilegate can add any more.

For the rest, you have knowledge transfer.

Differences between Transfer of Power and Transfer of Knowledge in Lost Ark

If you find yourself without Power Passes, you can use Knowledge Transfer, which has the same function.

There is no better option between shifting power and transferring knowledge to a practical level. The difference is in how it is obtained: knowledge transfer requires gold and so much time, but it is the only way to quickly rise to the level of the alternate personalities after using the power passes.

The Lost Ark is here! We are working on guides to help you identify some important techniques such as the Power Pass or collectible Mokoko Seeds.

We also have several guides to find and reach endgames of the principle of the game like Rudric, the Giant of Sal or even Rovlen.

So that you don’t lose the secrets of the game, we will help you find the secret area of ​​Dalian forest and the secret area of ​​Rambután forest.

How to get Knowledge Transfer and Price of Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark

The Transfer of Knowledge is unlocked when Bern’s story is completed, more or less when you pick up your first Pass of Power, but it has more requirements:

  • You will need a fortress (which you will carry during the main mission).
  • You will need to complete Atheline’s missions in Fortaleza and talk to your personal robot to start researching Knowledge Transfer Technology.
  • You can pay 600 gold to get an alternate person with Berna levels and level 302 gear, though it will take eight hours of training, and during that time you won’t be able to use the person.

You can also pay more gold to upgrade your alternate personality to even higher levels. For example, a Shushire level knowledge transfer would cost 2,400 gold.

As of the game’s launch date, you’ll have a maximum of 9 Knowledge Transfers per account, so be careful investing in just one.

You can use the Lost Ark Power Pass cross server?

You might be wondering how flexible the Power Pass is. Unfortunately, the Pass of Power and Lost Ark is not cross-server. The Lost Ark Power Pass will be limited to characters you have created in your account on a single server.

If you want to use a Power Pass on another separate server, you will need to create a new character and complete the main story on that server.

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